We proud to announce that we were the very first company who started specialized Disinfection Services against COVID – 19 in Sri Lanka as a private Cleaning Company.

We strictly follow procedures recommended by WHO against COVID-19 disinfection process.

We use Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite), Glutaraldehyde and Benzalkonium Chloride, which are highly suitable for disinfection of COVID-19 effected /suspected surfaces as recommended by the Epidemiology Unit Sri Lanka (MOH) and WHO

For the disinfection process, we utilize company owned high tech Power Sprayer machines, Mist blowers and ULV forging / misty atomizers.

Our entire staff is well trained on disinfection of any premises without harming to its machineries, furniture, interiors, and sensitive walls as well floors.

Pricing will be based on floor extent of the building/s. We will disinfect all walls (up to 6 ft), entire floor area, office rooms, washrooms, stairs, pantries, furniture, carpet floors, indoor car parks, etc.

Please send your below details to our or to info@pioneers.lk. We will comply with a quick quotation.

     a. Your location address
     b. Floor extent of the building (in sq Ft) including interior description
     c. Contact number
     d. Possible date and time to be disinfected.

Further we wish to announce that our team is well trained and specialized in disinfecting vehicles. For vehicles kindly send below
details to same contacts mentioned above.

     a. Your location address
     b. Type of Vehicle and number of vehicles to be disinfected
     c. Contact number
     d. Possible date and time to be disinfected


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